Celtic Precision Battleaxe (Canvas empty)


The Battleaxe (Canvas) is a premium midsized competition / hunting barricade bag designed to perform at the highest level possible.

  • For barricades approx 1/4″ to 2.5″ use upside down, for 2.5 to 5″ barricades use right way up, 5″+ use on it’s side.  If extra height is needed use on it’s edge. (based on approx 7lb of paella rice fill)
  • Used either way up it has the same 9″ x 6.5″ surface area.
  • Used on its side gives enough magazine height clearance on flat surfaces.
  • Doubles as a rear bag shooting prone.
  • Double handles for ease of transition/manipulation.

The Battleaxe is double stitched and further reinforced in high stress areas.  Made with premium waxed canvas, mil-spec straps and thread.

Sold unfilled with a fill hole that will need sewing closed either by hand or household machine.

Fill recommendations:-

  • Bench shooting = Kiln dried sand.
  • Competition PRS style = Paella rice or similar (our preferred fill approx 7lb combined bag/rice weight).
  • Hunting = Light fill poly beads or similar.

Dimensions: Approx 6.5″W x 9″L x 5″T

Made in Wales UK.

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