Drengr Fenrir Barricade Bag


This revolutionary sack is named after Fenrir, the wolf that would eat the world.

The design deviates from classic W-bags, but is still based on Drengr’s unique geometry to dynamically offer the best possible stability regardless of the barricade’s design.

The asymmetrical hourglass shape has several advantages. The bag provides a more consistent impression regardless of orientation, making it easier to balance the weapon in the middle of the bag with support all the way to the edges. Since the bag has an aggressively concave design, the bag locks both the barricade and the weapon, which increases stability and allows a straight recoil uptake. Because the frames have a less aggressive angle versus W-sacks, the stitches don’t even get anywhere near as stressed, which when combined with a heavier – but still supple – fabric means a sack that’s exponentially more durable.

On pure farmsvenka, this is the best sack on the market that is guaranteed to mechanically dope your shooting, especially on wider barricades that 95% of today’s stations consist of!

The bag comes in two models: Gamer and Fat Wolf. What separates the bags is that the Fat Wolf is 16% wider, which has proven beneficial for shooters who have Foundation pistons and to get better ‘mag clearance’ in field conditions when the bag is placed on its side.

Filling options:
– Empty (fill yourself)
– Glass balls
– Gamer, 3.9-4.0kg
– Fat Wolf, 4.6-4.8kg

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Gamer, Fat Wolf


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