Spex Lite Shooting Bag Fill


Spex•Lite® Shooting Bag Fill provides the world’s most complete line of high performance shooting bag fillers. Our products are made in America and are engineered to maintain performance and longevity shot after shot.

Spex•Lite® Shooting Bag Fill has been tested and used by the military, law enforcement, PRS, hunters, recreational shooters and Olympians around the world and is proven to stand up to the most challenging shooting requirements.


  • Made in the USA with proven performance around the World!
  • Lightweight durable fill that reduces bag weight and maintains stability!
  • Unaffected by moisture
  • Great for Shooting Bags & Kneeling Rolls

Spex Lite 5125

  • ~10 pcf; ~2.5mm
  • Rigid with flow
  • Great setup in bags

Spex Lite 5524B

  • ~1.1 pcf; ~3.5mm
  • Soft and resilient
  • Ultra lightweight

Spex Lite 5235

  • ~36 pcf; ~1.8mm
  • Pancake shape
  • Ultra rigid with flow

Spex Lite Heavy Sand

  • ~128 pcf; ~70/100 Mesh
  • Superior lock-up
  • Sand-like flow

All materials come in 1 litre bags.

These products are due in, in the next two weeks.

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Spex Lite 5125, Spex Lite 5524B, Spex Lite 5235, Spex Lite Heavy Sand