Spuhr Ideal Chassis, SA Black, 16″

The Spuhr Ideal Chassis System (SICSTM) is a modular chassis system, designed to provide a rigid support of the barreled action for improved accuracy.

The chassis are designed for use with AICS magazines, which are NOT included with the chassis. We would have liked to include magazines, but Swedish law has designated them as export restricted, which makes them unmanageable for smaller quantities.

The Remington 700 versions will accept synthetic AICS-pattern magazines whereas the Tikka versions will not. The reason for this is that the magazine cut in the bottom of the Tikka actions are too narrow to allow a thick-walled synthetic magazine high enough to feed properly. That said, it is a simple operation for a gunsmith to open up the mag cut on the Tikka action if so desired.

For competition use – specifically PRS – the weight kits seem to be very important as the competitors want some heavy beasts of rifles with the minimum shift from recoil. To this effect we currently offer three different weights:

  • CA003, which attaches to the outside of the SICS forend (can also be used on our R-301 and R-401 MP5 and G3 forends)
  • CA004, which attaches on the inside of the SICS forend below the barrel
  • CA008, which attaches like the CA004 but features a rounded cutout on the top surface for use with heavy barrels