Therm Tec Ares Thrmal Imaging Sight


  • Dual-Field of View
  • 1024 OLED Display
  • 12µm Detector
  • F/1.0 Germanium Optics

Non-Uniformity Correction Technology

It supports consistent view for shooting, making it more reliable as no shutter is locked during shooting with minimized noise.

Be Confident In The Toughest Conditions

All the products have been tested in tough experimental conditions to prove their stability in product functions and performances when delivered to the end users.

Built-In AI Rangefinder

Based on deep learning algorithm, the object distance can be measured automatically by the scope.

Automatic Zeroing

The automatic zeroing function makes it easy to take a shot and adjust the reticle.
It allows you to effortlessly correct the point of impact – simply take a shot, use the
arrow keys to move the crosshair over the actual impact point, and confirm the shooting.

Automatic Object Detection

Hunting with tripod, you will never miss an object entering your shooting area when you enjoy the rest beside.

Two Way Wi-Fi Connection

  • Support both Wi-Fi and hotspot connections
  • Real-time image transmission

Long Detection Range (Detection Range Up To 3000m)


  • Dual-Field of View with 3x Optical Zoom: Dual-Field of View with 3x Optical Zoom A wide FOV with a foc -al length of 20mm can be used for observation, while a narrow F -OV with a focal length of 60mm can be used for aiming.
  • Wide Options of Color Palettes: 6 thermal image palettes with comfortable visual experience, to meet with a variety of environments and weather conditions.
  • Zeroing Profiles Management: Store up to 5 zeroing profiles for different guns while displaying zeroing coordinates, distances and type of guns, making it easy to switch guns without having to re-zero.
  • Two Way Wi-Fi Connection: The built-in WiFi module supports both Wi-Fi and hotspot connections, enabling real-time image transmission to mobile devices.
  • Shooting Record: It is supported to take photos/videos while shooting, recording every and instant moment of your hunting and outdoor experience.
  • Picture-in-Picture Function: In picture-in-picture mode, it displays a magnified image at the top-center of the overall field of view with aligned crosshairs and ½ mil FFP reticle when zooming on an object of interest.
  • Wide Array of Reticle Options: Pre-loaded with seven different thermal optimized reticles in two different colors and five brightness options, it helps to optimize aiming for specific conditions.
  • Lightweight and Rugged: Housing made from advanced aircraft-grade aluminum ensures high structural rigidity and ruggedness. Compact dimension design makes it a perfect option for long outdoor trips when light yet capable unit is necessary.
  • Easy Battery Installation: The battery’s anode and cathode can be installed interchangea -bly, helping users to complete the battery replacement more quickly at night.
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Ares 335 – 384, 12um, 35mk, Ares 360 – 384, 12um, 35mk, 20/60, Ares 660 – 640, 12um, 35mk, 20/60


Black, Tan