MDT M-Lok Sling Swivel Stud


Perfect for attaching a sling or a Harris style bipod.

Take full advantage of the modularity of your chassis. Use the MDT M-LOK Sling Swivel Stud to get the perfect sling or bipod placement. This product attaches in seconds.

The MDT M-Lok compatible Sling Swivel Stud provides modularity in stud placement on your chassis.

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Anschutz Model 1416, Anschutz Model 1712, Browning X-bolt Long Action, Browning X-Bolt Short Action, CZ452, CZ455, CZ457, Howa 1500 Long Action, Howa 1500 Mini Action, Howa 1500 Short Action, Remington 700 Long Action, Remington 700 Short Action, Remington 7600, Ruger 10-22, Ruger American, Ruger American Short Action, Savage A22, Savage B22, Savage Long Action, Savage MKII, Savage Short Action, Tikka T1x Rimfire, Tikka T3 Short & Long Action, Winchester Model 70