Celtic Precision Battle Wax


Does what it says on the tin!  BattleWax is a high performance battle hardened re-waxing bar suitable for all your heavy duty waxed cotton outdoor gear especially barricade bags!  With super high water resistance/abrasion/dirt repelling properties and just the right amount of tackiness.  Protect all your gear with the best you can get!  As a bonus your left with a cool tin to use for other stuff when you run out 🙂

On the rare occasion you need extra tackiness for slippery diagonal barricades, grab your BattleWax and rub into the arch contact section of your bag without melting it in.



Use a brush to remove grime/dirt and clean down with a sponge and cold water.

Leave to dry thoroughly.

Rub Battlewax into the fabric with long even strokes paying extra attention to seems, then melt into the fabric using a hairdryer while wiping over with a dry sponge to get a lovely even finish.

Depending on environment temperature leave to cure for 24hours or more

Repeat when needed.

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