Celtic Precision Sniper Lite (Dragons Eggs) Fill


Exclusive to Celtic Precision.  After months of R&D Celtic Precision is proud to present a unique barricade bag fill SniperLITE.

Superior flow/lock up.  Added benefits – unaffected by water, buoyant, non toxic, frost resistant, non combustable it ticks every single box for all applications in any field, any environment, anywhere in the world.

Eggs ethically harvested from the finest Dragons 🙂

This is not your usual expanded polypropylene fill used by other brands.

Approximate bag combined weights:

Battleaxe 850g 2lb

Tomahawk 5.5 500g 1lb

Tomahawk 4 350g 0.7lb

Claymore 200g 0.35lb

Approximate Fill Volume required per bag:

Battleaxe  3.2L

Tomahawk 5.5. 1.6L

Tomahawk 4  1.1L

Claymore 0.55L


Price per litre. 1-2mm eggs 260g per litre.

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